Electronic Musical Instruments AR

AR (augmented reality) is a technology that displays digital information created through computer graphics and other techniques on top of the real world. By using electronic musical instrument AR, you can use a smartphone or tablet to check whether the size and color of an instrument match the location where you want to put it. Give AR a try!

Operating environment

iOS: 12.1 or later
Browser: Safari、Chrome

  • Electronic musical instrument AR cannot be used from a PC. Please view the effect on
  •  a smartphone (iPhone 6s or later) or tablet (iPad 5th generation or later).
  • AR effects might not be displayed on some devices or in some OS environments.
  • Certain products might differ from their actual appearance in some cases.
  • Colors might not be accurately displayed depending on the environment. Use the
  • electronic musical instrument AR in a well-lit area.

Access from a smartphone or tablet

Products supporting AR

Launch AR by tapping one of the following products from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Privia PX-S1000

[ar-display-button product=5340]

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-510BP


CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-310


Privia PX-770